Completing treatment doesn’t mark the end of your recovery journey. In fact, it’s just the beginning. While you may have acquired the tools necessary to live a productive, substance-free life, the hard part is maintaining those healthy habits. Harmony Hills in Florida provides effective post addiction treatment support to help you stay the path to lifetime sobriety.

Why Post Addiction Treatment Support is Important

Alumni and Other Post Addiction Treatment Support Resources Provide the Foundation for ChangeCompleting an effective substance abuse treatment program sets the foundation for sustainable recovery. However, even for those with years of recovery, it’s easy for individuals to get too comfortable in their sobriety. Maybe it starts with missing a meeting or two, or they start forgetting their successful coping techniques.

Even with the best treatment, relapse rates hover around 40–60%. That’s why Harmony Hills doesn’t simply discharge clients and send them on their way. Our post addiction treatment support strives to keep alumni on the right path.

About Our Post Addiction Treatment Support Program

Understanding what to expect in the weeks and months after discharge can ease anxiety, and it can also empower our alumni to make choices based in fact, rather than emotion.

Prior to client discharge, one of our coordinators facilitates an Alumni Group. They provide vital information about the best ways to stay connected with the Harmony Hills network. Additionally, case managers help link clients to positive resources and community supports. They’ll also facilitate FMLA and Disability paperwork, and assist in communication with EAP, probation or other referring agencies.

After discharge, Harmony Hills’ Connect program plays a vital role in our alumni’s success. Our Connect program leverages real-time outreach, technology and community to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of support.

Aspects of our Connect program include:

  • Personal follow-up support
  • 24-hour hotline to connect you with immediate resources
  • Online opportunities for group therapy, personal coaching and continuing education
  • Teletherapy (when necessary)
  • Secure Alumni webpage and forum, including topical discussions and newsletter
  • Access to Connect events, outings and other activities for Harmony Hills Alumni, including an Annual Retreat
  • RECONNECT: A 5-day, intensive program for Alumni experiencing challenges in their recovery
  • Access to digital accountability and empowerment technology based on individual need and prognosis

Continue Embracing Recovery With Our Post Addiction Treatment Support

At Harmony Hills, our goal is for clients to remain sober for the rest of their lives. Embracing recovery becomes easier for individuals who have access to professional and peer support.

To learn more about our post addiction treatment support or other facets of our life-changing facility—such as our alumni and family addiction treatment programs— call Harmony Hills today at 855-49HILLS.