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Mysoline (generic name primidone) is a drug used to treat tremors, epilepsy, and other medical ailments that cause convulsions. The medication is used to suppress seizures and convulsions by slowing down abnormal electrical activity in our brain that affects GABA.

Mysoline belongs to a broad class of drugs known as central nervous system (CNS) depressants and has the potential to be extremely addictive. Barbiturates have been widely banned because of its addiction potential, but they are still used in extreme cases. 

What Are the Signs of Mysoline Addiction?

Barbiturate addiction can happen fast. If you do not monitor your symptoms or consumption habits, it may appear to come out of nowhere. Barbiturates like Mysoline are notorious for their ability to cause physical dependence in a short period. You must be aware of these signs when you start using the medication and keep your primary care physician updated about your dosing habits. 

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) defines addiction as a severe substance use disorder, which generally follows less severe substance use problems. It is characterized as an inability to cease usage despite adverse effects. 

The first sign of a substance use disorder is when you start developing a tolerance to Mysoline. Your brain slowly adapts to the chemicals provided by the drug, and you will notice your usual dose starts losing its effects. If you are using barbiturates, you must keep your doctor looped in about a growing tolerance so that they can move forward with the best course of action.

If you continue to use despite a growing tolerance, you may develop a chemical dependency on Mysoline. If you increase the dose to feel your usual effects, your brain will likely stop producing natural chemicals, and it could produce chemicals to counteract it. This may lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which include:

A substance use disorder is characterized as compulsive drug use despite the consequences. Addiction may lead you down a road that affects your health, relationships, finances, and cause legal problems. 

What Is Involved in Mysoline Addiction Treatment?


Once you enter addiction treatment, you will undergo an assessment process that is designed to determine your current needs. The assessment will involve medical and clinical evaluations based on the ASAM criteria, which is a six-dimensional assessment for treatment. 

Mysoline is a potent barbiturate, and it may cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, you must enter the highest level of care when you consider stopping.

Medical detox is a 24-hour process designed to ensure your safety and comfort as the drug exits your system. Clinicians may also provide you with medication to treat your symptoms. 

Once you complete detox, you must decide if you will enter an extended addiction treatment program. Medical detox will help you wean off Mysoline, but it will not address the problem that led you to abuse the drug.

For this reason, continued treatment will help you develop healthy habits and long-term sobriety.