Science-based, innovative and whole-person treatment and wellness services, as well as our reputation and 20+ year history of clinical excellence and leadership in behavioral health set Harmony Hills apart from other addiction treatment programs. Programs that fully address mental, brain, physical, spiritual and family health are the most effective when it comes to treating addiction and co-occurring disorders. Learn more about our unique approaches to addiction recovery.

Addressing the Mind & Brain

Going Beyond Tradition to Offer Transformative Addiction RecoveryOur Harmony Hills treatment team is extensively trained and utilizes the newest and best evidence-based practices for treating addiction, which include Medication-Assisted Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy, and Wellness Recovery Action Planning. In addition, we provide Care Coordination, Peer Recovery Support Services, teach Harm Reduction Strategies and offer psychoeducation for our patients and their families around addiction, symptoms, treatment, maintaining and managing overall health and well-being, coping skills, recovery, supports, independent living skills, social skills and more.

At Harmony Hills, we have an expertise in various styles of meditation. There is indisputable evidence that meditation positively impacts brain health. We offer meditation as a part of our daily practice and focus on the well-researched practices of Mindfulness and Metta meditations. In addition, we have a labyrinth and engage in walking meditations.

As nutritional health is directly linked to brain health, our patients work with a nutritionist to come up with an individualized nutritional plan that optimizes health and wellbeing, restores brain and gut health through diet, and takes into account dietary likes, dislikes, and needs of the person in care.

Addressing the Body

While addressing the mind is important, the body is also an important aspect of addiction recovery. We use various methods to ensure that individuals establish and maintain strong physical health.

At Harmony Hills, we have doctors and nurses and offer medical evaluation. Internally and with our partners we develop a medical treatment plan that addresses prevention services, as well as services for any identified health needs.

In addition to nutritional counselors, we also have on-site gym, basketball court, and physical fitness coaches who work with individuals to promote exercise and well-being.

We additionally offer massage therapy and acupuncture and yoga. Often times trauma is expressed in our muscles, organs and energy systems. The techniques offered through massage acupuncture and yoga not only restore balance and flexibility, but also work directly to release traumas held in the physical body.

Addressing the Spirit

Spiritual wellness is a vital part of any treatment plan. Research shows that when a person is connected to a spirituality of their choice, they do and feel better in life. Harmony Hills offers various opportunities to engage in the spiritual practice of choice and brings in spiritual leaders from various religions and spiritualities to meet with our patients one-on-one and in group settings.

Addressing the spirit of an individual also means addressing the part of the individual that feels beauty, creativity, connection, and meaning. We offer ample opportunities to experience that through our recreational programming which includes

  • Horseback riding
  • Sound Therapy
  • Qigong
  • Ropes Courses
  • Hiking
  • Arts Therapy
  • Drumming Circles

The start of a new life could be a phone call away. Call Harmony Hills today at 855-49HILLS to learn how we go beyond traditional therapies to help individuals embrace recovery.