Substance Abuse Treatment at Harmony Hills

There are many ways to overcome an addiction to drugs, but many of those ways begin with a high-quality addiction treatment program. At Harmony Hills, we have crafted an innovative program that’s based on both the latest scientific evidence and proven techniques while incorporating the best parts of holism and alternative therapies. Our integrative approach to drug treatment makes Harmony Hills a truly great place at which to seek lasting sobriety.

There are countless drug treatment centers located across the United States, but you’ll not find one quite like Harmony Hills anywhere but in Altoona, Florida. At Harmony Hills, we have based our drug treatment on the importance of incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to drug treatment with a particular emphasis on science and the most proven treatment methods. As a result, our curriculum represents the harmonious blending of Eastern spiritualism with Western neuroscience and care.

But what does it mean when we say that Harmony Hills offers comprehensive or integrative drug treatment? According to the most recent data, successful drug treatment must address the diverse effects of addiction; for this reason, the programs at Harmony Hills utilize neuroscience alongside holism and alternative therapies to offer a curriculum that can simultaneously treat the body, the brain or “mind,” and the spirit. In other words, our programs offer patients an experience wherein the physical and psychological repercussions are addressed while we help the patients to re-establish meaning and fulfillment in their lives once again.

The Effects of Substance Abuse

Nobody ever intends to become addicted to drugs. For some, addiction is the end result of using mind-altering substances as a form of self-medication, whether for things like anxiety or mood disorders or to cope with past trauma. There are also a number of individuals who become addicted to substances they take for legitimate purposes as can be the case when someone becomes addicted to prescription pain medication. Whatever the individual’s circumstances may be, the effects of drug addiction are profound and encompassing.

One of the effects we tend to attribute to addiction first is the overall loss of physical health. Although the particulars can vary from one substance to the next, individuals who suffer from addiction often have compromised immune systems and may even cause lasting damage to certain bodily systems and organs. But perhaps more than anything else, addiction causes profound changes in psychology as a result of the substances changing the brain’s neurochemical balance; this can manifest as sudden and seemingly unprovoked changes in mood, paranoia, or dramatic differences in terms of one’s interests and overall personality. Meanwhile, individuals who suffer from drug addiction tend to experience intense hardships due to their dependency issues, including the loss of jobs and careers, poor performance in school, damage to important relationships, and so on. There’s also evidence that some people who suffer from substance abuse disorders are using substance abuse to overcome a lack of personal and spiritual fulfillment.

With the effects of addiction being so numerous and diverse, it’s important that an individual has access to a drug treatment program that is likewise diverse and which incorporates techniques from numerous complementary disciplines.

Clinical Excellence & Comprehensive Drug Treatment

At Harmony Hills, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring clinical excellence in every area of the comprehensive treatments we provide. Our staff members of experienced and compassionate professionals who are personally invested in the success of each of our patients. In fact, our ultimate goal is to provide patients with proven science-based, integrative treatment in a supportive environment that’s conducive to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

But the Harmony Hills experience isn’t just about scientific treatment. In fact, one of our key areas of emphasis is in the education of our patients, ensuring that each has a thorough understanding of the disease of addiction as well as of the treatment and recovery processes. Moreover, we emphasis whole-health wellness, which includes providing dual-diagnosis support to individuals who may be suffering from mental or emotional afflictions alongside their substance abuse disorders.

As part of our integrative model of drug treatment, patients participate in a variety of therapies and treatment techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy (TIR), and numerous others. The idea is that, through the utilization of numerous treatment techniques, we can help our patients to understand the root causes of their substance abuse problems, develop and implement strategies for overcoming those contributing factors, and learn a variety of relapse-prevention techniques to ensure longevity to their newfound sobriety.

Innovative and Integrative Drug Treatment at Harmony Hills

At Harmony Hills in Altoona, Florida, we have created a drug treatment center that’s innovative, integrative, and based on the latest scientific evidence. In fact, we have a wealth of real-time data at our disposal with which we ensure that our curriculum continues to evolve as new methods and information become available. For this reason, you’ll not find a drug treatment center that’s quite as groundbreaking and forward-thinking as Harmony Hills.

If you would like to learn more about our inpatient substance abuse treatment, or for information about one of our other programs, call Harmony Hills at 855-49-HILLS.