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Florida is notorious for its spring break parties and pristine beaches, but the state has also become a prime target for drug trafficking. While many families come to Orlando, Florida for the beach or Disneyland, the area is a hot spot for drug and alcohol abuse. Orlando is only a three-hour drive from the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area, which means drugs can easily make their way on the I-95 corridor into the city. 

The U.S. government has implemented extreme measures to try and control the flow of drugs through its borders, but drug traffickers continue to find new ways to outsmart authorities. It has led to the country being flooded with illicit drugs, such as fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. Orlando is part of Orange County, and while it’s less common for drugs to come in from Port Canaveral, they are moved from the south and are distributed through cities on their way north.

In Florida and beyond, opioid abuse has been our primary concern for quite some time. The sheer volume of deaths puts fear in our communities. Drug traffickers will stop at nothing to ensure their product flows freely into the country. Although opioids are the most popular drug in the spotlight, cocaine and meth use has also exploded in recent memory.

The residents in Orlando must work together to discuss and find solutions to the problem affecting our community. Drug and alcohol addiction used to be viewed as a series of bad choices; however, today, we know that addiction is a disease and requires drug rehab. Fortunately, Orlando boasts many top facilities in the area.

Orlando Drug Rehab Statistics

With opioids the primary topic of concern, data was released in 2017, showing doctors in the state of Florida were still prescribing opioids above the national average. There are two ways this can be viewed, however, since many in Florida are retirees struggling with chronic pain. Doctors at the time prescribed 60.9 prescriptions per every 100 persons, which makes up more than half of the state’s residents supplied with opioids. 

Opioid drugs get a bad name from those who abuse the medicine, but in reality, they are beneficial for those individuals with chronic pain. When you follow your doctor’s orders, patients can manage their pain efficiently. On the other hand, when you don’t follow instructions and misuse or abuse opioids, you can develop a dependence that may lead you down the dark path of addiction.

The most significant problem pertaining to opioids is that once you build a tolerance, they will not be effective in treating pain. In some cases, a person will turn to synthetic opioids to find the pain relief that pills gave them. Heroin was responsible for 1,023 deaths in 2016, while fentanyl chipped in with another 1,644.

Most Commonly Abused Substances in Orlando

The most commonly abused substances in Orlando are cocaine, opioids, and alcohol. Unfortunately, most overdose deaths in the state of Florida had alcohol present. Other common drugs include cannabis, inhalants, and meth. Meth is a drug that is exploding in Northern Florida, which we must not overlook during the opioid crisis.

Florida’s Drug Rehab History and Rankings

Orlando, Florida, USA, downtown city skyline from Eola Park.

Florida is a popular tourist destination, which also includes rehab tourism.

Many individuals nationwide flock to the state in droves and take advantage of the gold standard when it comes to drug treatment.

While many areas in the U.S. have caught up with the exceptional quality of drug rehab Florida provides, most cannot match the tranquil resort-like environment.

The treatment model allows you to become independent as you progress deeper into the program.

Quick Treatment Facts

When entering drug rehab, you must adjust your expectations and understand the process is not 100 percent. For those ready to get help, the modern advances in treatment increase your probability of getting healthy. You must be honest and address all problems to clinicians during your assessment period to ensure you are treated for everything you need. Addiction has consequences, and you must be upfront and honest for the best results.