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At Harmony Hills, our group therapy program offers a highly engaging environment for drug and alcohol addiction recovery, as well as mental health conditions. We provide a vast array of services that will promote healing and long-term recovery, while at the same time reducing the possibility of relapse.

We know that group therapy in Florida is an excellent way for you to connect with other people who are also striving for recovery. Through this program, you can share your thoughts and feelings about the healing process while listening to the lessons others have learned. Our therapist will guide the group through your sessions, allowing you to focus on growing and learning. To learn more about our group counseling program, contact Harmony Hills today at 855.494.0357.

What To Expect During a Group Therapy Program

woman at a group therapy program At first glance, group therapy can seem more intimidating than individual counseling. In the best of times, walking into a room full of people that you don’t know can be challenging, especially when you consider that you need to open up to share your thoughts and experiences. That said, as time goes on, you may find that you enjoy this therapeutic option. You can develop long-lasting friendships and create strong bonds with the people, allowing them to provide support and strength. During group therapy, you can expect a range of things to happen, including:

  • Consistent accountability, allowing you to stay on track
  • Improved abilities to engage in social interactions and relationships
  • Support from people who are also trying to stay in recovery
  • Opportunities to build up and encourage other people who are trying to stay sober
  • Long-term relationships with people in your support group

With the help of a group therapy program, you’ll be able to see substance abuse through the eyes of another person, allowing you to learn from the experiences of other people. We provide group therapy as part of many of our comprehensive treatment options, from residential addiction treatment to our aftercare programs.

Types of Group Therapy Programs

Like individual therapy, our group counseling program can take several forms. In each form, you’re able to learn from other people and engage with them. However, unlike individual therapy, you see that you’re not alone in your experiences. Instead, you’re working with other individuals who have similar experiences.

At Harmony Hills, we offer several forms of group therapy; for instance, one of the most common options is therapy-led groups. During this treatment method, your licensed and highly experienced therapist will lead each structured therapy session. There will be a theme for each session, which your therapist will guide you and your groupmates through.

Another standard therapeutic option is dialectical behavioral therapy. This treatment is particularly useful for individuals who have poor communication skills or whose socials skills were damaged during their addiction. With this form of treatment, you’ll learn how to regulate emotions and behaviors and form positive relationships.

One therapy that is often forgotten when you think about group therapy is family therapy. In many cases, addiction damages family units, and it is critical to address this damage and fix it. With the help of family therapy, which takes place with you, your family members, and a therapist, you can address and attempt to repair some of this damage.

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At Harmony Hills, our goal is to give you the support and care you need to fully recover from addiction. Group therapy is one way that we do this. We use our program in each of our addiction treatment programs, including:

To learn more about the treatment programs available at Harmony Hills or to discover how our group counseling program can assist you, contact us today at 855.494.0357.