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It is critical to create a strategy for living a sober life after leaving your treatment program. The rates of relapse after an addiction treatment program are extremely high, and without specific, actionable plans in place, you may find yourself battling addiction again. As such, a relapse prevention program in Florida could be quite beneficial to your long-term recovery. While creating a relapse prevention plan doesn’t guarantee your success, it does make the recovery process slightly smoother.

At Harmony Hills, we want to give you the support and treatment that you need to stay sober for longer periods. Our relapse prevention program is one method of attaining this goal. To learn more about the benefits of using a relapse prevention plan or enroll in our therapy programs, contact our team today by calling 855.494.0357.

What is Relapse?

man at a relapse prevention program Relapse occurs when you return to using drugs or alcohol after a period of time. It generally happens over some time, rather than occurring in a single day. In fact, many people can go weeks or months without using drugs or alcohol without slipping back into usage. Three definitive stages can signal that you’re in danger of slipping back into drug or alcohol usage.

The first stage of relapse is what is called “emotional relapse.” During this stage, you don’t have the act of using drugs or alcohol on your mind. That said, you’ve stopped using the coping mechanisms and healthy behaviors you learned in treatment. You may have stopped going to meetings or broken away from your support system. You may also be struggling to cope with stress, thereby allowing negative thoughts and feelings to pile up inside you.

After your emotional relapse, you may start finding thoughts of drug or alcohol use creeping up on you. Due to your negative frame of mind, your coping behaviors aren’t as effective as they have been in the past. As a result, you’re more prone to triggers that cause you to want to use drugs or alcohol. You’ve forgotten the challenges addiction presented, so you believe that your old life was better than it is now.

Once you’ve suffered from a mental relapse, a physical relapse may be right around the corner. At this point, you may seek out your former dealer or decide that a single glass of wine couldn’t hurt.

It’s imperative to have specific plans in place that you can turn to if you find yourself sliding back into drug or alcohol use. With the help of a relapse prevention program and an aftercare program, we can work with you to develop these plans, allowing you to prevent relapse.

What Can a Relapse Prevention Program Do?

When you enroll in a relapse prevention program, we strive to reunite you with the values you held in the past. We’ll also work with you to develop a plan that addresses each of the possible stages of relapse. You’ll be able to come up with a list of people that you can turn to if you find yourself struggling to remain sober. We’ll also help you come up with specific places you can turn to when you feel that you might relapse.

Studies have shown that individuals using the methods they learn in a relapse prevention program are much less likely to return to drug or alcohol use. This treatment may be crucial to long-term sobriety.

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At Harmony Hills, we strive to set you up for success. Our relapse prevention program is just one of the tools that we use to do this. We also use a range of evidence-based and holistic therapeutic options, including:

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