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happy woman on couch after her florida aftercare program for mental healthWhenever someone needs treatment for a mental health concern, it’s vital not just to find the right support but understand that the process of healing will take time. Identifying the mental health issues a person is struggling with is key to beginning treatment, but it is only the first step. Once identified, individuals can work alongside counselors and therapists to design a therapeutic course of action to meet their specific needs and achieve their goals. Doing so involves more than just therapy alone. Often, it means entering into a treatment program, and once that program is complete embracing aftercare as a means of staying healthy. At Harmony Hills, our extensive aftercare program can deliver just the right support.

Avoiding situations that have contributed to your mental health concerns in the past will be the foundation of your newfound mental wellness. It’s easier to avoid temptations when you are in a residential treatment center; it’s important to separate yourself from that environment that could lead to continued ill health and that you have a support network. Attending a mental health treatment program creates a lifetime bond that helps many people maintain their mental wellness.

Harmony Hills not only offers extensive treatment programs in Florida to help individuals nurture and improve their mental health, but also provides aftercare options. Doing so helps ensure when one’s mental health takes a negative turn, there is someone ready to offer support and guidance. Call 855.494.0357 to learn more about our aftercare programming at Harmony Hills.

Becoming a Part of Our Community

There are certain overlaps in fostering positive mental health. For example, individuals need to know what their triggers are. These can come in environments (locations), objects, activities, or even individuals. Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid triggers like these is to engage in activities with others who are likewise striving to maintain positive mental health.

Isolation can endanger mental health. By having a support group or, in a less official capacity, a supportive community one can turn to stay active, the risks of developing depression or dealing with anxiety alone are diminished.

Our community realizes positive mental health is something that has to be fostered. Therefore, we make it a point to provide individuals with options for staying active and engaged, like:

  • Meditation classes
  • Group exercise and fitness activities
  • Classes to learn new hobbies
  • Discussion groups
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Gardening and cultivation

Discover Your Aftercare Options at Harmony Hills

Aftercare is one way to continue to manage and nurture positive mental health. Your therapist, sponsor, and support network will have insight into what your timeline for positive mental health may look like. Also, being around others familiar with the same kinds of struggles you are facing can reduce the power triggers have and increase your confidence in facing any mental health issues that may arise.

To learn more about what an aftercare program can do for you, contact Harmony Hills today by calling 855.494.0357. Our inclusive, welcoming community will meet you where you are on your healing journey and strive to get you the exact support your need.