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two people at an aftercare programLong-term sobriety takes time and a lot of hard work. When you leave a drug detox center, you will be faced with temptation. Avoiding situations that have led to self-destructive behavior in the past will be the foundation of your sobriety. It’s easier to avoid temptations when you are in a residential treatment center. When you feel like people around you are constantly using drugs, it’s important to separate yourself from that environment and have a sober network. Attending a drug treatment program creates a lifetime bond that helps many people maintain their sobriety. Call 855.494.0357 to learn more about our sober community at Harmony Hills.

Our Sober Community

The best way to stay sober is to be engaged in activities that do not involve drinking or drugs. We advise our clients to avoid bars, even if you are addicted to a substance other than alcohol, as you are more likely to find dangerous substances around people who drink alcohol. It’s best to avoid these situations altogether. Thankfully, the sober curious movement has taken off, so skip the bar this weekend and try one of these sober activities:

  • Spend time with your sober community
  • Attend Florida AA & NA meetings
  • Exercise and stretch every day
  • Spend time outside
  • Learn a new language
  • Listen to a good podcast
  • Take lessons from an expert in something new
  • Plant a garden
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Adopt an animal from a shelter

Your Florida Sober Community

Even if you avoid situations where alcohol and drugs will be available, you may still occasionally get a craving for a particular drug. Rather than ignoring a temptation to use drugs and alcohol, you may find it helpful to acknowledge your craving while remembering the consequences and how your experiences with drugs and alcohol have negatively affected your life in the past. If drugs and alcohol have caused you problems in life, these problems will only get worse with age. Chemical dependency causes patterns of dangerous drug-induced thinking and behavior.

Avoiding Triggers

Addiction alters the brain’s chemistry. This makes it more difficult to get pleasure from the things that would usually bring you joy. That’s scary, but it isn’t permanent. For people working their way toward sobriety, activities that don’t involve alcohol and drugs might seem boring, but this feeling won’t last. It might be tempting to start using again, but one drink can trigger a spree of destructive behavior. Circumstances and places associated with a particular drug are called triggers. A few common triggers of substance abuse include:

  • Places where use used to use drugs
  • People you used to use drugs with
  • Money, places where you spend money
  • Certain neighborhoods
  • Negative emotions, like stress, anger, and anxiety
  • Internal and external conflicts

Triggers can lead to relapse when people lack the tools to work through them. Symptoms of substance abuse disorder become progressively more severe as your tolerance builds. When a person is addicted, they neglect the people and things they most care about; this is the nature of the disease. Substance use disorder is complicated, but it is very treatable at a substance abuse treatment center –in the right environment.

Sobriety Starts at Harmony Hills

At the beginning of your journey toward sobriety, it’s best to avoid events that may make you feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol. Your therapist, sponsor, and sober network will have more insight into approaching this and what your timeline may look like. Unfortunately, being around people who are drinking and using drugs will cause most people to relapse. Many social, cultural, and interpersonal events that keep us connected to our family, friends, and community involve alcohol and drugs. When considering whether to attend, ask yourself this question: will I be able to put my sobriety first during this event? Making a plan for an event is a good way to start. If you feel tempted to avoid preparing yourself for an event, it’s likely that you are not ready to go.

To learn more about addiction recovery, contact Harmony Hills today by calling 855.494.0357. The inclusive, welcoming sober community you will meet at Harmony Hills treatment center is one of the most significant benefits of attending treatment.