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Borderline personality disorder or BPD is a mental health condition where individuals have a fragile sense of self, causing them to act impulsively and express volatile emotions. BPD is a condition existing between psychotic illness (having a severely distorted view of reality) and neurotic disorder (an inability to manage emotional distress), hence the ‘borderline’ in the name. At Harmony Hills, we understand that individuals struggling with BPD are especially susceptible to substance abuse and developing other mental health conditions. Therefore, our borderline personality disorder treatment program looks to help guests identify their issues and find the appropriate mental health treatment program to help them heal.

borderline personality disorder treatment program Recognizing Borderline Personality Disorder

The signs and symptoms of BPD will vary from individual to individual. Not every person with BPD will experience the same symptoms and not require the same treatment. However, there are some common symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Recognizing these in yourself or others is the first step in finding the right mental health treatment therapies necessary to heal. Symptoms can include:

  • A distorted or unclear self-image: Many individuals with BPD have an unstable sense of self. This means individuals regularly have contradictory motivations for their actions, and their understanding of how others perceive them changes seemingly on a whim. Moods change drastically from one moment to the next, making it difficult to focus on relationships, work, or other aspects of identity.
  • Impulsive behaviors: Due to a twisted sense of self, individuals with BPD will frequently make impulsive decisions and engage in self-destructive behaviors. Sometimes this is attention-seeking, while other times, it is done because such behaviors provide a momentary sense of control or pleasure. However, they are nearly always damaging in the long term.
  • Mood swings: Individuals with BPD experience sudden changes in mood and often extreme emotional expressions. The triggers for these sudden mood swings may be obscure or seemingly minor, yet the severity of the emotions isn’t lessened. An inability to regulate one’s emotional responses or express a situationally appropriate emotional response is common among people with BPD.
  • Relationship issues: Impulsive behavior and uncontrollable mood swings often make it difficult for individuals with BPD to manage their personal and professional relationships. Usually, people with BPD have intense but short-lived friendships, intimate relationships, and even professional contacts. A borderline personality disorder is a mental health condition of extremes with very little middle ground. This especially impacts relationships making them exceptionally challenging to nurture.

How Our Borderline Personality Treatment Program Can Help

Some of the most effective treatments for BPD include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Psychotherapy like CBT and DBT focuses on helping individuals see the true nature of their motivations and beliefs while working on creating situationally appropriate responses and leaving behind negative conceptions of themselves.

CBT is a form of talk therapy. Working one-on-one with a counselor or therapist, individuals learn to identify negative self-images and how to see themselves in a positive light more accurately. By becoming aware of these thoughts and feelings, individuals can reduce their anxiety and exert more control over their emotions. Dialectical behavior therapy is especially helpful in treating borderline personality disorder. This version of CBT increases an individual’s awareness of their emotional state and the social context they find themselves in. By encouraging mindfulness, acceptance, and broader awareness, individuals with BPD can exert more control over their emotions, reduce impulsive acts, and strengthen their relationships.

Mental Health Treatment at Harmony Hills

At Harmony Hills, we understand that mental health issues can cause serious disruption to every aspect of an individual’s life. That is why we design our borderline personality disorder treatment program to meet the needs of individuals struggling with more severe mental health conditions. We also offer other mental health treatment programs such as:

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