nurse explaining if you need php or residential treatment

Do You Need PHP or Residential Treatment?

Deciding on the right treatment for you or a loved one can quickly become overwhelming, but finding the best treatment option is the first step towards recovery. At Harmony Hills, our admissions team helps clients become comfortable with the details of entering and participating in our rehabilitation programs. They will discuss the options that are…

person suffering from heroin withdrawal symptoms

We Treat Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms with Compassionate Care

Heroin addiction has become a plague on our communities as drug addiction quadrupled since the late 1990s. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heroin-related deaths increased five-fold between 2010 and 2018. Further compounding the heroin addiction problem, the CDC indicates that almost all abused drugs combine it with others. Sufferers…

pills showing the most abused opioids

What You Don’t Know About The Most Abused Opioids May Surprise You

The national opioid crisis prompted the medical sector to reevaluate prescribing a wide range of medications to help individuals manage pain and discomfort. What appeared to be a reasonable trade-off to provide people with care negatively impacted community members. Opioids were more powerfully addictive than many realized until too many friends and family members were…

learning about trauma treatment examples in therapy

Why You May Need Trauma Therapy and Trauma Treatment Examples

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event that has shattered your sense of security or made you feel helpless. Experiencing trauma, especially during childhood, increases the risk of developing many chronic diseases, including heart, lung, liver ailments, depression, and addictions. Studies of those with substance abuse disorders find that a high percentage have…

person learning individual therapy tips in treatment

Individual Therapy Tips You’ll Learn During Addiction Treatment

If you’re thinking about entering treatment for addiction for the first time, you’re making a smart move. Throughout your addiction treatment, you’ll likely go through several therapy modalities, including stress management, group therapy, and individual therapy. Talking with an addictions counselor one on one during individual therapy can be a vital tool in helping you…