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As with every mental health treatment program, we know the Harmony Hills addiction treatment approach directs our program. We’re proud of our goals and our treatment programs, and we’re equally passionate about providing exemplary treatment. To learn more about the difference our Harmony Hills mental health treatment approach makes in our program, contact us today at 855.494.0357.

About Our Facility

man thinking about the harmony hills treatment approachHarmony Hills offers various amenities to enhance the recovery process, along with proven treatment programs and therapeutic approaches. Our beautiful, 67-acre property features:

  • Four residential units with 24 rooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Gym
  • Basketball courts
  • Pool
  • Walking trails

Our mission is to ensure that state of the art, effective and whole health treatment is provided to individuals and families impacted by addiction and co-occurring disorders in a compassionate, supportive, and healing environment.

Our Program Goals

At Harmony Hills, we list our program’s goals to ensure that we strive to achieve them each day. The objectives of our Harmony Hills mental health treatment approach include:

  • Provide the highest standard of compassionate, science-based treatment, services and support
  • Effectively treat comorbid medical and mental health conditions
  • Educate our clients about their condition, treatment, and best recovery practices
  • Restore the brain/mind/body/spirit to health and teach whole health wellness
  • Foster connection to the recovery community
  • Include a comprehensive family program to support healing for both clients and their loved ones.
  • Provide ample opportunity to remain connected to the Harmony Hills community for support

Embrace a new, substance-free life at Harmony Hills. To learn more, call 855.494.0357 today.

People with addiction disorders and their families all over the world have felt addiction’s devastating effects. Fortunately, there’s hope to treat this pervasive, life-threatening health condition successfully. We have built our program on many years of experience at implementing effective behavioral health models and strategies. In short, Harmony Hills in Florida is prepared to help clients engage in life-changing recovery.

How We Treat Substance Abuse

Recovery is an individual journey. It begins with the human being that presents themselves to our healing sanctuary. Each person comes with a unique chemical, biological, and psychological makeup and unique experiences, stressors, and trauma that all play a part in their addiction and recovery. In addition, each person comes with their own idea of what they would like sobriety to look like for them. We can use many evidenced-based models and supports to achieve long-term recovery. At Harmony Hills, we take the time to learn about each individual and their recovery goals to formulate the most effective treatment plan possible.

Our Treatment Approach Techniques

At Harmony Hills, we’re proud to provide a wide array of evidence-based treatments. These therapies have been studied extensively by experts in addiction treatment. Our treatments include:

Overall wellness involves more than just proven therapeutic approaches. We also incorporate high-quality nutritional and physical health programming, yoga, and guided meditation classes.

How We Succeed

Harmony Hills relies upon ground-breaking data and research to ensure we give individuals the best chance of recovery. Our electronic health record and business analysis platforms provide real-time metrics to monitor performance and program efficacy. These elements ensure that we’re continually evolving to meet the needs of our guests.

We also believe in maintaining excellent relationships with all of those who fund us, state agencies, and stakeholders. Their support enables Harmony Hills to continue providing compassionate care to individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

To learn more about the Harmony Hills treatment approach, or enroll in our treatment program, contact us today by calling 855.494.0357.