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“Harmony Hills for me was probably the single most helpful treatment center I have ever been to. The therapy team as a whole was excellent. They brought to my attention things I had overlooked for years, and they gave me the tools I needed to deal with those issues so I could move forward in life and find my true self. Mrs. Kathie my case manager was truly a godsend to me as well as Ms. Leah! All around the place was amazing and had a huge impact on my life! Thank you Harmony Hills.”

– Darrien

“Harmony Hills really helped save my cousin from herself! Her mental health and addiction issues were consuming her. They gave her great therapy and treated her like a human, unlike other places she has been. The facility is beautiful! And the staff is very caring. They are definitely one of a kind!”

– KB

“Excellent treatment facility for those in need. The clinical director, Brian, and my son’s counselor, Cynthia, have worked tirelessly to assist my son. They have treated him with respect, compassion and a determination to help him like no other facility. My son is a habitual relapser and they were willing to go the extra mile for him. Not only did they help him, but our whole family as well. From our first phone call to admissions everyone has been nothing but helpful and accommodating. They take their calling very seriously and continue their work by helping to find follow-up facilities or sober living that best meets the needs of their client. I owe my son’s life to them for all their work. I hope they can help you or a family member as much as they helped mine.”

– Jane

“I would like to say if I could give the staff at Harmony Hills 10 STARS i would. My daughter has been to several other rehabs but this is the first time the staff Brian R who is the clinical director and Cynthia my daughters clinical therapist who have reached out to the family cope and aid in my daughters recovery. My daughter came in not wanting to get better but has done a complete 360 in 3.5 weeks. I realize clients are in and out of there daily but you have made a distinct change in my family. She has grown to love the staff and the facility. I hope for her sake this is her last visit. I can’t name all of you but thank you again to Brian, Cynthia, Leah, and Casey the Director of Nursing. Kudos for all your help.”

– Kim

“My name is Joseph and December 8th, was 6months sober for me. If you really put your heart and soul into what harmony hills teaches you it will work. By listening to what Eric and Tim taught me I have stayed sober and experienced a inner healing with forgiveness I never thought possible. They fact is this place saved my life. I am no longer a recluse or a drunk. I am the husband I am supposed to be. And I look forward to the future. Thank you to everyone there for helping me. Love, Joe”

– Joe

“My son is attending Harmony Hills and wrote a negative review, but I disagree. I personally went to the facility while he was in detox and noticed the positive interaction with clients and staff. It’s a beautiful country setting with a large swimming pool and a clean environment. The clinical director, Cortina, was out for a few days, but I felt she went above and beyond my expectation to help my son as soon as she returned to work. She’s a professional with a caring attitude and runs a very good program in my book…hope my son has a change of heart, love him and pray he directs his attention to his addictive tendencies and away from blaming other people.”

– Gregg

“I was at Harmony Hills for 41 days. I can truly say that Harmony Hills and all the therapists there saved my life. All the staff and therapists are amazing and have a great understanding of the disease of addiction. I want to thank both Cynthia and Eric for opening my eyes and allowing me to see I can live a clean and sober life and be happy. Thank you Harmony Hills for everything..”

– Andrew

“I completed Harmony Hills treatment center 9 months ago and it’s like I have a brand new life I can honestly say I woke up happy every morning. Eric was absolutely amazing and I continued to work with him after I went home. I have not thought about going back to drugs since being out I finally understand me and dealt with the trauma from my past. I’d give them 100 stars if I could LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!”

– Juliana

“On behalf of my son who received treatment at Harmony Hills..I would like to thank you for being there for him as his counselor and all the positive feedback you have given him while in treatment. He spoke very highly of you and has learned a lot from his time at Harmony Hills. In the beginning, when he was still going through withdrawals he says was tough but as he began to feel better he realized the help he was receiving through his individual and group therapy was what he needed. This is the first time I have heard him express and talk about his time in treatment in such a positive way, he would have stayed longer if it was possible. He will be signing up for his outpatient program Thursday. Thanks to all the staff at Harmony Hills for the good work you all do every day. We pray that he will continue to fight and win this battle with his addiction.”

– J