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woman at an anxiety treatment program Everyone gets anxious sometimes. Experiencing stress is a normal part of life. For people with anxiety disorders, intense, excessive, persistent nervousness about everyday situations dominates their consciousness. Anxiety disorders sometimes involve repeated episodes of severe anxiety and fear or terror that peak within minutes, known as panic attacks. Contact Harmony Hills at 855.494.0357 for more information about our anxiety treatment program.

Our Anxiety Treatment Program

The cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program at Harmony Hills is structured to help guests with many types of anxiety. Feeling anxious or panicked can interfere with daily activities. These feelings are extremely difficult to control, and they can have a profound effect on a person’s life. You may avoid places or situations to prevent these feelings. Symptoms sometimes start during childhood or adolescence and can easily continue into adulthood. Cognitive-behavioral therapy at Harmony Hills is utilized in treating common anxiety disorders, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Specific phobias
  • Separation anxiety disorder

Do I Have Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder?

Common anxiety signs and symptoms include:

  • Feeling persistently restless, nervous, or tense
  • A pervasive sense of impending danger
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Hyperventilating
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Exhaustion
  • Distracted by fear
  • Sleep problems
  • Stomach and digestion issues
  • Difficulty controlling worry
  • Avoiding everyday things that trigger anxiety
  • Worrying about worrying

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Treatment for anxiety disorders varies depending on your condition, severity of your anxiety, and medical history. We select the most caring, professional, committed individuals to help guests overcome anxiety and get control of their lives. The following conditions often require assistance on an outpatient basis or in an anxiety treatment program nested in Harmony Hills’ residential treatment setting:

  • Anxiety Disorder Due to a Medical Condition: People with anxiety disorder due to a medical condition suffer continuous, intense, frequent anxiety or panic. Anxiety in this case is a reaction to a physical health problem.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Generalized anxiety disorder involves persistent and excessive anxiety surrounding everyday activities or events.
  • Panic Disorder: Panic disorder involves repeated episodes of intense anxiety or terror that reach a peak within minutes. They are often accompanied by feelings of impending danger, shortness of breath, chest pain, or rapid heart palpitations. People often avoid situations where these symptoms have occurred. They may also avoid situations where they have the potential to happen.
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder: Separation anxiety disorder involves a fear of being away from a loved one.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder: Social anxiety disorder is also referred to as a social phobia. This condition involves high levels of anxiety, fear, and avoidance around social situations. Persistent feelings of embarrassment, self-consciousness, and fear of being judged are common.
  • Specific Phobias: A phobia involves anxiety during and before exposure to a specific situation. Specific phobias provoke panic attacks in some people.
  • Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder” This condition involves intense anxiety or panic that is a direct result of chemical dependency or withdrawal.

Find the Treatment for Anxiety You Need

If anxiety affects your social and occupational functioning, our mental health treatment programs can help you take control of your life. More than 30% of the United States population struggles with anxiety. Please consider treatment at Harmony Hills if your anxiety causes any of the following issues:

  • Constant worry that interferes with your job or social life
  • Inability to control feelings of anxiousness
  • You have suicidal thoughts or behaviors (if this is the case, seek emergency treatment immediately)


Preventing an anxiety disorder before it happens is impossible. However, it is possible to treat symptoms and gain control of your anxiety by attending mental health treatment therapies. The following strategies have proven effective in treating anxiety:

  • Get help from a therapist early; waiting longer makes treatment more difficult
  • Stay physically and mentally active
  • Surround yourself with good, caring, rational people

Avoid alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. These things might ease your anxiety in the short term, but developing an addiction is very common in people attempting to overcome anxiety by using addictive substances. If in addition to anxiety you are struggling with co-occuring substance addiction, Harmony Hills offers substance abuse treatment for dual diagnoses.

Anxiety often does not heal on its own, and it may get worse over time. The anxiety treatment program at Harmony Hills has helped countless people suffering from anxiety and related mental health conditions. Contact one of our therapists or clinicians 855.494.0357 to start learning strategies proven to decrease anxiety.