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Deciding to get help for a mental health concern is a positive step towards improving health and wellbeing. However, many individuals are unsure of what to expect or what to bring to a treatment center. After evaluating a client’s needs, our admissions team at Harmony Hills prepares individuals to manage the day-to-day details of entering and participating in our treatment programs. We’ll explain the continuum of care, the stages of recovery, and what to expect from your treatment plan.

What to Expect

/The first stage of the admission process will be the pre-admission assessment and review. Here you’ll complete a brief questionnaire that will then be reviewed by our clinical and medical teams. Our professionals will work collaboratively to develop an individual plan to meet guests’ unique needs before they ever walk through the door. This ensures everyone is prepared and that guests can feel confident in their treatment.

Our admissions team will also verify your insurance and benefits, making sure individuals have a thorough understanding of their financial responsibilities. Then, we will schedule a time and date for guests to enter treatment officially. Our intake team will be available to make guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Also, we’ll arrange any pre-case management services, such as FMLA or legal requirements.

What to Bring to Treatment

Once you’ve gone through the admissions process and are about to enter the appropriate mental health treatment program, you’ll need to pack. There are several items you’ll need to make sure you bring with you to treatment, such as:

  • Picture ID
  • Insurance card
  • Prescription card
  • Any medications
  • One credit or debit card

You’ll also need to provide contact information for your physician, attorney, HR Contact (for FMLA), and an emergency contact. Make sure you pack between one to two weeks’ worth of casual clothing, sneakers, a bathing suit, and any personal care items and toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.).

If you’re wondering what to bring to mental health treatment, keep in mind, you will be in very structured treatment. This means you’ll likely have a very set schedule, but there will be downtime and moments to yourself. Therefore make sure you bring appropriate reading material and a journal to write in. While you will not have access to it during treatment, do bring a cell phone. An MP3 player will be a good item to have as there will not be Internet access, and individuals often like to listen to music, audiobooks, or downloaded podcasts during free time. Also, if you smoke or vape, make sure any cigarettes are in unopened packs or cartons and that vape juice or pods are sealed and unopened.

Of course, there are things you will not be able to bring to mental health treatment. For example, weapons of any kind and drugs or alcohol are prohibited. Some other things to not bring include:

  • Computers or laptops
  • Valuables like jewelry
  • Aerosol products
  • Provocative clothing, inappropriate clothing, or clothing with derogatory or drug reference language
  • Mouthwash
  • Food
  • Inappropriate reading material
  • Perfume

Getting Support at Harmony Hills

Here at Harmony Hills, we treat mental health issues. Our facility in rural north-central Florida includes resort-style amenities providing guests with a peaceful environment where they heal and recover. Through both evidence-based and holistic treatment therapies, our guests get the treatment they need and therapy to make a lasting recovery. Our treatment programs include:

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health conditions, reach out to Harmony Hills today at 855.494.0357.