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man discussing mental health treatment admissionsAt Harmony Hills in Altoona, Florida, we know that making the decision to get help comes with mixed emotions. While it can be exciting to embrace change, seeking treatment can also cause varying degrees of anxiety. Knowing what to expect during the admissions process could ease your or your loved one’s apprehension.

When you contact Harmony Hills, we strive to give you the support and care you need. Don’t let your condition hold you back from the life you’ve always wanted. Contact us today by calling 855.494.0357 for more information about our mental health and substance abuse treatment center.

Determining Length of Stay During the Admissions Process

At Harmony Hills, we believe that individuals have different needs. That’s why we develop individualized plans during the rehab admissions process. We use various tools to help us understand clients’ needs and develop the most effective plans possible, including:

  • Medical and health assessment
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial and diagnostic evaluation
  • Functional testing
  • Nutritional analysis

While we offer various levels of care, the majority of our clients enroll in our residential program. With access to an array of amenities, comfortable housing, and 24/7 medical supervision, we’ve found that individuals achieve the highest success rates when starting at the residential treatment level.

How Long Will I Stay at Harmony Hills?

On average, clients participating in our residential program stay for 30-60 days. However, individuals with a severe mental illness and substance abuse history may require up to 90 days. Using various traditional and holistic methods, our treatment approach promotes overall wellness, giving individuals the best chance to live the life they deserve. 

After completing residential treatment, many of our clients step down into an intensive outpatient program, followed by general outpatient services. Upon completion of the comprehensive recovery program, our relationship doesn’t stop there. Your journey will continue with an entire network of alumni support. 

No matter your diagnosis, your condition requires ongoing care and support, our Alumni encourage clients to stay connected to our community.

We offer various opportunities to stay engaged, including online resources, staff outreach, and various events and activities to promote continued sobriety.

What Can Harmony Hills Address?

Harmony Hills can address a range of conditions. For instance, we offer several treatment options to tailor to your unique needs and circumstances. Our treatment programs include:

We also provide mental health treatment combined with our addiction treatment programs. This treatment option is called dual-diagnosis treatment. 

Start Embracing Recovery

Harmony Hills is on the frontline in the battle to get your life back. Mental illness doesn’t rest, and neither do we. Our facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with residential enrollment available 365 days a year. To learn more about our treatment programs, or to begin the admissions process, contact Harmony Hills today at 855.494.0357.