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woman at an alumni program At Harmony Hills, we plan for our patients’ long-term recovery. The people you attend treatment with can become part of a supportive sober network. We offer alumni events throughout the year and encourage families to participate. Our goal is to help you or your loved one by any means necessary. Many of our clients advance through a full continuum of care, including detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment if necessary. Even after completing these programs, our extensive alumni network and ongoing therapy provide support and encouragement for your recovery journey. Contact Harmony Hills today by calling 855.494.0357 to get information about our alumni program.

Staying Sober Is Easier in a Group

With a successful behavioral health and addiction treatment history, Harmony Hills in Florida has helped many individuals achieve life-changing sobriety. We not only pride ourselves on helping individuals and their families overcome the impact of addiction, but we also believe in giving back to the recovery community. We think you’ll agree that Harmony Hills is more than rehab.

Advocates for Change

While Harmony Hills has helped many individuals experience recovery, we realize that as long as substance abuse is tearing lives apart, our work is never done. Our advocacy and prevention efforts have led to further advancement in our behavioral health processes. At Harmony Hills, you will learn how to identify and change negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We take a cognitive-behavioral approach to first address a person’s thoughts before addressing their actions. Another important aspect of an addiction treatment program is learning to cope with triggers and cravings without using drugs or alcohol. It may seem impossible, but if you have the desire to overcome your addiction, we can offer the tools you’re missing. After you finish treatment, Harmony Hills’ aftercare program will help keep you motivated, engaged, and connected.

Sobriety is Possible at Harmony Hills

Promoting awareness educates individuals not only on their rights while under our care, but it can also open doors to a variety of organizations, allowing them to give back in the fight against this disease. We encourage our clients and staff to support and participate in activities at the local, state, and national levels. Each of our mental health and addiction treatment programs provides the support, understanding, and tools necessary to overcome mental illness and/or addiction and reclaim the life you want. If you are eager to know what to expect in rehab, we understand entirely. In our substance abuse treatment center, you will get the tools you need to focus on your recovery, along with immediate access to programs, clinicians, and organizers to help you navigate your recovery and determine your next steps.

Stay Connected

Upon completing treatment at Harmony Hills, we invite each of our clients to stay connected via our alumni program. While our post-addiction treatment support program keeps individuals grounded in their sobriety, it also presents opportunities to develop and maintain lifelong friendships with others in active recovery. Along with an annual retreat, our alumni program keeps individuals up to date on events and activities to promote a positive, substance-free lifestyle. Our alumni program is a pillar within the Florida recovery community, with each event serving as an opportunity to give back. We are proud to provide continued support and resources for our clients once they leave treatment through our Harmony Hills Alumni Program. The alumni program’s goal is to help people stay in touch and feel supported in our community. We host many events for alumni throughout the year.

In addition to participating in community-based advocacy and prevention, individuals can also receive ongoing therapy and education as they continue along a sustainable recovery path. In fact, our family therapy for addiction can be an important tool to ensuring you stay on the right path. Contact Harmony Hills today by calling 855.494.0357 for more information.