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Individuals suffering from mental health disorders often turn to drugs or alcohol to seek relief from their symptoms or to manage the challenges of daily life that feel overwhelming. Unfortunately, this approach is not practical and usually results in substance abuse or addiction that only compounds the effects of their mental health symptoms. Effective mental health treatment therapy programs need to address co-occurring substance use disorders. This is a practice known as dual diagnosis treatment.

Because mental health disorders and substance use disorders impact common areas of brain chemistry, the symptoms of each are often intertwined and become challenging to separate. At Harmony Hills, we understand the need for dual diagnosis treatment. Community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) is highly effective at getting those with substance use disorders to reduce their use and get into treatment. Once a person has detoxed, they are ready to recover from mental health symptoms. Contact Harmony Hills at 855.494.0357 to learn about the benefits of CRAFT therapy.

family smiling thanks to CRAFTWhat is Community Reinforcement and Family Training?

At Harmony Hills, we strive to remain on the cutting-edge of advances in mental health and dual diagnosis treatments. The community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) method is one of the newer evidence-based treatments we have begun incorporating into our highly-regarded comprehensive mental health treatment programs, including dual diagnosis treatment.

CRAFT therapy is an integral part of our family therapy programs. It is a therapeutic approach for helping you communicate with and support your loved one struggling with mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders and refusing treatment.

CRAFT is about learning new ways to communicate with and support your loved one who needs treatment. It is also about learning how to take care of yourself as you interact with your loved ones in new ways to encourage them to make essential changes.

What Skills Does CRAFT Therapy Teach?

CRAFT therapy teaches you how to change your interactions with your loved one suffering from mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders. It encourages them to move forward with essential treatment. Some of the skills family and friends learn through community reinforcement and family training, or CRAFT therapy, include teaching family and friends how to:

  • Care for themselves and take back control of their lives
  • Recognize their loved one’s triggers
  • Use positive communication to improve interactions
  • Reward a loved one for positive behavior
  • Withdraw positive reinforcement for unhealthy behavior
  • Recognize signs that might lead to violence or abuse
  • Encourage the need for treatment

Studies show that family members experience improvements in their anger, anxiety, and depression levels through CRAFT therapy. Further, CRAFT therapy is essential in improving family relationships and repairing the damage caused by mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Individuals who suffer from mental health disorders are more likely to have substance use disorders than the general public. Typically, the symptoms of substance abuse are more prominent and mask the underlying mental health symptoms. These individuals require dual diagnosis treatment.

Harmony Hills’ integrated approach to dual diagnosis treatment will streamline your recovery. Through dual diagnosis treatment, you will gain insight into how your mental health and substance use disorders impact each other and your overall functioning. You will learn life skills and coping mechanisms that you can carry with you beyond treatment, giving you the ability to recognize and manage triggers that previously provoked symptoms. Based on your unique needs, your treatment plan can include:

Learn More About CRAFT Therapy at Harmony Hills

If you struggle with mental health and co-occurring substance abuse or addiction, you are not alone, and help is available. Through treatment at Harmony Hills, you can grow in ways you didn’t realize and have hope for a healthy, fulfilling future in recovery. Further, your friends and family can receive treatment to heal and grow with you. Contact Harmony Hills at 855.494.0357 to learn more about our mental health services, including CRAFT therapy.