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Titusville, Florida, is located near the Space Coast and along the widely known Indian River in north Brevard County. It is a pleasant city with a population of more than 46,000 residents, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Bordered by wildlife refuges to the west and a scenic waterway to the east, you might wonder how such a seemingly idyllic place might foster drug and alcohol addiction. As with most of Florida, the city and its outlying neighborhoods are not exempt from drug trafficking. 

The number of drugs moved into areas such as Titusville can cause residents to become involved with drugs through the selling of using them. The struggle with addiction is one that no municipality has not experienced in Florida.  Fortunately, drug rehab near Titusville is considered some of the best and most effective in the state.

Opioid abuse continues to be the main topic because of  the growing number of overdose deaths occurring within the state and in Titusville and Brevard County. The distribution and sale of heroin, cocaine, opioids, and methamphetamine are a continuing scourge, no matter how hard and fast local, state, and federal law enforcement officials crack down on drug trafficking. 

Cities and counties should work together to discuss the issues surrounding drug misuse and addiction because they affect everyone. These tough problems need hands-on, evidence-based solutions to conquer. Titusville is lucky to have such a solution within a 1.5-hour drive — Harmony Hills Addiction Treatment Ranch.

Titusville Drug Rehab Statistics

Doctors in Florida were dispensing much above the national average of opioids, in 2017, which consisted of 60.9 prescriptions per 100 persons. While the numbers may be alarming, there is a valid medical reason for it. In Brevard County, there were 42,000 deaths from 2008-14 related to opioid use, and the number rose dramatically in 2017 to 72,000 deaths.

Opioid medication is highly effective in the treatment of chronic pain. Those following their doctor’s orders and not misusing the prescription are at minimal risk of developing dependency problems. Those who abuse opioids are at a higher risk of developing a chemical dependency that can lead to addiction.

Even those who use the medication as prescribed may find that the effects become weaker over time. Some who use prescription opioids might turn to fentanyl or heroin to relive the experience they once had with pills. With that said, fentanyl was responsible for 1,644 deaths, while heroin contributed another 1,023 casualties, according to a report of patterns and trends of substance use in Florida. 

Most Commonly Abused Substances in Titusville


The most commonly abused substances in Titusville are opioids. There were 39 fentanyl and opioid-related overdose deaths (excluding methadone) in Brevard County, Florida, in 2017. 

Other drug and alcohol facts below are from Brevard County, with data breakdown by area:

Florida’s Drug Rehab History 

Many people seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment come to Florida for its almost always sunny days, soft, white-sand beaches, tranquil settings, and exceptional care.

The treatment model in Florida is widely known, which entails independence as someone progresses through the different levels of the treatment program.

Quick Treatment Facts

Effective addiction treatment involves many factors for it to be successful for the client.

It requires working with clinicians and therapists, who should plan around the most urgent needs and tailor them as progression occurs.

Addiction wreaks havoc in all areas of life that should be dealt with when dealing with the disease.