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Amobarbital, or Amytal, is an extremely potent barbiturate medication that was used to treat insomnia and anxiety in the past. The drug was commonly prescribed to American soldiers that were fighting in World War II to help them overcome “shell shock.” Unfortunately, as time went by, officials noticed the drug was impairing soldiers, which led to an immediate end to the program.

Barbiturate drugs are rarely prescribed today due to the dangers they present. Amytal often leads to abuse, misuse, addiction, and overdose. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) states that only 12 barbiturate medications still exist for medical purposes today – Amytal is one of those.

Amytal is seldom used outside of a hospital setting and is used as a sedative before surgery. Although the drug is never provided in the form of a prescription, individuals can find the potent drug on the black market. Amytal must only be used under the supervision of trained professionals because it can easily lead to an overdose.

What Are the Signs of Amytal Addiction?

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Spotting a drug addiction in its early stages is harder than you might think. Early on, a user may not display outward signs that you might attribute with drug use. For drugs like Amytal, however, some signs can indicate someone is abusing the drug early on. Barbiturates come with more symptoms than some other drugs due to their potency, but isolated signs will become more prevalent over time.

The earlier you stop someone while using a drug like Amytal, the better their chances are of stopping without becoming addicted. You must become aware of these signs to determine if a loved one is abusing Amytal. It’s crucial to reach out and help immediately. The most common physical and mental side effects associated with long-term or regular use of Amytal include:

In many cases, the person abusing Amytal will not realize they are on the slippery slope to addiction. Losing control is something that gradually occurs over time, and before the user has time to react, they are dependent on the drug. Unfortunately, this typically leads to compulsive or obsessive use.

What Is Involved in Amytal Addiction Treatment?

Barbiturate drugs are extremely dangerous to stop without help. Withdrawal symptoms can be fatal, which is similar to alcohol or benzodiazepines.

For that reason, a person who is dependent on Amytal must check themselves into medical detox if they want to stop using the drug.

If someone is ready to stop using a drug, it doesn’t make sense to harm yourself in the process.

Once someone completes their stay in detox, they will be moved to another level of care.

Only a medical professional can make the decision for what’s next. You must speak with your doctor today if you are abusing Amytal to discover your options.