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Restoril, which sometimes goes by its name temazepam, is a benzodiazepine drug available by prescription from a doctor. Since it belongs in this classification of drugs and how it affects GABA, it may cause chemical dependence, addiction, and the potential for overdose when it’s abused or used for extended periods. If you are currently prescribed the medication, it’s important to understand the signs or symptoms of potential addiction. This article will discuss Restoril addiction and how it can be treated.

What Are the Signs of Restoril Addiction?

Those who use Restoril for longer than they are prescribed can lead to dependence or addiction. If you are concerned about developing a substance issue due to your Restoril use, there are some signs and symptoms you can look out for to determine what’s happening. Doing your research and learning about these signs early on can help you take the right action before anything terrible were to occur. Addiction is often severe, and it has the power to destroy your life.


Addressing substance use issues early on will help you to avoid the most severe consequences you are set to face by not stopping. Some of these issues include health problems, financial struggles, and ruined relationships with your spouse, children, parents, or your job. If you believe that you are developing a substance use disorder, here are the most common signs to look out for:

You may not exhibit all of these signs to have a substance use disorder, but if you believe you are struggling with substance problems as a result of Restoril use, you must speak to a doctor before stopping all at once. If you are growing concerned that a friend or family member may be struggling with addiction, here are some common symptoms of addiction you may recognize. 

What is Involved in Restoril Addiction Treatment?

Restoril can be dangerous without proper care, and going through the detox process alone can lead to seizures, delirium tremens (DTs), and even death. The safest way to overcome your addiction to Restoril is to check yourself into medical detox, where physicians will oversee the withdrawal process.

During this time, you will receive support, medication, and anything that makes this time more comfortable. Not only is this the safest way to forego this process, but it is the most comfortable. 

Once you complete this step, you may be moved to the next level of care.

Clinicians will look at your past to determine if you are vulnerable to relapse, or if you have a safe environment outside of therapy.

It could mean you may be placed in a residential or outpatient type treatment facility. Since the process is tailored to your needs, only a licensed addiction specialist can make this determination.