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Ambien is a drug that also goes by its prescription name zolpidem. It belongs to a broad class of drugs known as central nervous system depressants, and the drug was designed to treat symptoms of chronic insomnia. It is known as a “Z-drug,” and has sedative effects that mirror benzodiazepines. Although it possesses many of the same characteristics, it is considered a safer alternative to benzo drugs like Halcion or Valium for sleep disorders.

Although Ambien is a widely prescribed medication, it is perceived by many as a safe drug to use frequently. Unfortunately, Ambien is susceptible to being abused or misused by people that assume it does not possess negative consequences. It’s possible to become chemically dependent or even addicted to Ambien with long-term use. Doctors typically prescribe it for short-term use because dependency can occur in a few weeks.

What Are the Signs of Ambien Addiction?

Identifying the signs and symptoms of drug misuse is vital. In the early stages of addiction, you may not be aware it’s taking place because these behaviors will not happen together. These symptoms are often only recognizable in hindsight, but arming yourself with information is the best way to fight addiction. /

This can be said of Ambien abuse since most individuals lack the knowledge of potential risks involved with misusing the drug. It is perceived as a safe alternative to barbiturates or benzodiazepine drugs. When these risks are overlooked, however, it can be a recipe for disaster. It may cause someone to misuse the medication and not understand their use is escalating to abuse until it’s too late. 

The most common signs of Ambien addiction may include:

Once someone achieves the stage of full-blown addiction, they will take the medicine compulsively and cannot control their intake. Some addicted to Ambien will show signs of risky behavior because the drug is a driving force behind all of their decisions. Other symptoms of Ambien addiction include:

If you experience any of the signs above personally or from someone you love, get help immediately. 

What Is Involved in Ambien Addiction Treatment?

The first step involved in treating Ambien addiction is medical detox. Although the drug differs from benzos, it does possess similar characteristics that make detox valuable.

During your stay, physicians will provide the necessary care to help get the drug out of your system safely and efficiently. Although withdrawal will be milder, it still requires care.

Once the physicians are satisfied with your results, they will consider the next step for your life. It may be a variety of inpatient or outpatient care that’s tailored to your current needs.

If you are struggling with addiction, get help immediately.