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Synthetic cathinones, otherwise known as “bath salts,” are human-derived stimulants related to cathinone. They are a particular class of designer drugs with a similar structure to stimulant drugs like methamphetamine or cocaine. Despite the dangers, they remain in a grey-area market, which means they can be legally purchased at convenience stores or online. This has caused a spike in substance abuse causing many to need a bath salts addiction treatment program to heal and recover. Fortunately, the stimulant addiction treatment experts at Harmony Hills have the experience and expertise to help individuals overcome the disease of addiction.

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What Are Bath Salts?

Bath salts refer to designer street stimulants that are sold as other products to get around drug laws. Most drugs referred to as bath salts are synthetic cathinones, a human-made version of a drug found in the khat plant that grows in East Africa. 

Bath salts are powerful drugs that are taken to mimic the high of cocaine or MDMA. However, synthetic cathinones can cause unpleasant highs that are marked by panic, sweating, and hallucinations. 

Cathinone dependence isn’t as common as substance use disorders involving other stimulants like cocaine, meth, or amphetamines. However, it can cause dependence and withdrawal symptoms if taken for a prolonged period.

What Are the Signs of Bath Salts Addiction?

It’s challenging to identify drug use in its earliest stages, but outward signs will eventually become evident when a user stumbles deep into their addiction. In most cases related to bath salts, you may notice bizarre and erratic behavior after someone’s first time using the drug. Over time, their response to the substance will become more peculiar and aggressive. This type of behavior is dangerous and can be spotted in the very early stages of addiction

Once someone crosses over from occasional use to a full-blown addiction, it means they have lost all control over their behavior. The use of bath salts will become compulsive, and the individual’s life will revolve around getting more of the drug. An outsider may notice a significant change in their behavior, which could be completely abnormal. This is the result of addiction rewiring the brain. 

When someone is overwhelmed by addiction, they will do anything to obtain more bath salts. It can mean stealing from their friends or family or committing severe crimes.

What Is Involved in Bath Salts Addiction Treatment?

It’s not easy to admit to a drug problem, and it may be the hardest step before you get help. While addiction is a deadly disease, it can be treated with the advance of modern medicine.

The first step in addiction treatment after admitting to a problem is medical detox. The stage was designed to remove drugs or alcohol from your body safely. Since there is no standard dose of bath salts, being under medical experts’ care is necessary for safety purposes.

Once individuals complete their stay in detox, they will have a tough decision to make about the rest of their lives. A licensed medical professional can help make this determination, and if you are struggling with a bath salts addiction, reach out for help immediately. Our addiction treatment programs can deliver to individuals struggling with drug abuse the support they need. Some of the programs we offer include:

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Stimulants like bath salts aren’t usually life-threatening during withdrawal, but symptoms can be unpleasant. The most intense symptoms are usually psychological, but they can sometimes be severe. In some cases, withdrawal can cause anhedonia or the inability to feel pleasure. This can lead to deep depression and thoughts of death or suicide. If you start to experience intense psychological symptoms, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible. 

At Harmony Hills, our medically supervised detox can help individuals through the stages of withdrawal, allowing them to enter a treatment program that best fits their needs. Call Harmony Hills at 855.494.0357 to get into an accredited bath salt addiction treatment facility today.