At Harmony Hills in Florida, we understand that addiction affects the entire family. Families need education on addiction and what to expect from treatment and, also, from their loved ones in the various stages of addiction and recovery.  Family dynamics is critical to sustaining recovery.  Each family member plays a critical role in the health and well-being of the person with the substance use condition, as well as with each other.  It is demonstrated that outcomes improve and recovery becomes more sustainable for those families who engage in family therapy.  Family therapy establishes and strengthens family bonds.

Why Family Therapy for Addiction Is Beneficial

Couple Who Received Family Therapy for AddictionAs you watch your loved one suffer, sometimes you become so focused on him or her that you minimize your own pain. It’s not uncommon for you or your family members to feel hopeless while dealing with your loved one’s issues. Family therapy for addiction at Harmony Hills helps re-establish a family’s psychological and emotional health. Going through the process with your loved one helps strengthen your family’s bond.

We also educate family members about addiction and what influences it. Our program helps participants cope with their thoughts and feelings during their loved ones’ struggles, showing users and their families how to provide compassionate support without enabling negative behaviors. We also teach them and their loved ones what to expect post-treatment, and how to maintain physical and mental sobriety.

What to Expect During Family Therapy for Addiction

During family therapy for addiction, Harmony Hills invites families and loved ones to come to the facility. Each month, we also offer a Family Connect Weekend. This gives families an opportunity to embark on their own path to wellness. Our program includes:

  • Educational lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Interactive therapies
  • Personal goal setting
  • Relapse prevention plan development

These activities help family members rebuild trusting relationships, set healthy boundaries, reflect, and heal. We provide all families and loved ones with resources to address their own health and well-being, both online and in their community.

A Fresh Start for Families

If your loved one’s addiction is tearing your family apart, Harmony Hills is here to help put it back together. Upon completing family therapy for addiction, you, your loved one and your family will have a deeper appreciation for each other. Our comprehensive treatment can help put all that heartache and pain in the rearview mirror. Everyone will be ready to experience a brighter future.

While family therapy for addiction is vital to the recovery process, it’s just part of our life-changing curriculum. To learn more about our programs, including alumni and family addiction treatment support resources, call Harmony Hills today at 855-49HILLS, and take the first steps to re-establishing your family.