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woman at a benzo addiction treatment programA medical detox and addiction treatment center, is often necessary to help people recover from benzodiazepine (benzo) addiction. Withdrawal can cause seizures, disorientation, dehydration, and depression. Medications approved by the FDA are given as needed in order to reduce the likelihood of serious complications. While the medications provide protection from health-related detoxification problems, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy, and trauma-informed therapy treat the psychological issues.

Withdrawing without supervision and assistance can put you at risk of relapse and can even be deadly. Benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause life-threatening seizures. Our medical detox center can administer medications that reduce the severity of your symptoms. At Harmony Hills, your safety, comfort, and recovery are our top priorities. Call us at 855.494.0357 to learn more.

Types of Addiction

The two most common types of addictive substances are depressants and stimulants. These types of drugs affect your central nervous system. Depressants slow your breathing and heart rate. Stimulants create energizing effects. Mixing many substances can drastically increase your risk of experiencing an overdose.

The most commonly abused substances that can lead to physical dependence that we treat at our substance abuse treatment center include:

  • Alcohol
  • Opiates, including fentanyl, heroin, OxyContin, and Vicodin
  • Benzodiazepines (as Xanax and Klonopin)
  • Tranquilizers
  • Methamphetamine
  • Amphetamines

Am I Addicted to Benzos?

If you are worried that you are addicted to benzos, seeking help can save your life. During addiction, benzodiazepines interfere with your ability to make rational and logical decisions. This can cause people to engage in risky and dangerous activities. As your tolerance begins to build, you can continue to utilize more of your resources buying your substance of choice. This can lead to financial woe and mounting debt. Addiction can also prevent you from working and supporting yourself, which can increase depression and mental health problems.

Substance Abuse

When seeking treatment for benzodiazepine withdrawal, it is essential to find an inpatient detox facility that can provide the services you need. Harmony Hills also offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a partial hospitalization program (PHP) in addition to our inpatient benzo rehab. Every person who experiences addiction withdrawal exhibits different symptoms and therefore requires individualized care. Locating an inpatient detox center that can develop a specialized treatment plan helps improve recovery chances.

When is Inpatient Detox Necessary for Me?

An inpatient medical detox program provides medical supervision during the withdrawal process. Certain substances (e.g., alcohol and benzodiazepines) can cause severe symptoms like seizures and high blood pressure during withdrawal. The list of dangers associated with detoxing alone leads many people to consider entering an inpatient detox center.

People who detox at residential treatment programs are also more likely to succeed, (both in achieving short term and long-term abstinence and sobriety) because medical detox increases the likelihood of staying in treatment. If you are tired of being controlled by your benzo addiction, Harmony Hills in Altoona, FL is available to help you through a safe detox process.

What to Expect During Inpatient Detox

When you arrive at our inpatient detox facility, you will receive a full medical exam once you are admitted. At a typical detox center, staff will probably search your belongings to make sure that everything is safe. Within 24 hours of admission, you will meet with a member of our medical staff to review any questions and concerns. At this point, we will take a detailed health history. Conducting a proper medical exam will help us diagnose other health concerns.

How to Detox from Benzos

Entering an inpatient detox center can be stressful, overwhelming, and scary. An excellent inpatient detox treatment center like Harmony Hills will help you with the first step in your recovery. If you or a loved one is considering a Florida benzodiazepine addiction treatment program, contact us today at 855.494.0357.