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a family poses for a picture with two parents and two children to show a mental health family support groupThe Mental Health Family Support Group in Harmony Hills offers a safe and supportive environment for families of people living with mental health conditions. Through regular meetings, we provide guidance and education on coping with challenges when caring for someone with a mental health condition. We also provide resources, support, and information about local services for those affected by mental health issues. Contact Harmony Hills today at 855.494.0357 if you require a family therapy program.

What Is a Mental Health Family Support Group?

A mental health family support group is a safe place for families to come together and share their experiences and feelings with one another. It’s an opportunity for people to talk about the challenges of living with a loved one experiencing mental health conditions, learn more about their condition, and seek advice from others who understand. This type of support group aims to help families find strength in numbers and provide a sense of community.

Why Join a Mental Health Family Support Group?

Living with a mentally ill loved one can be difficult, and it’s crucial to have access to support and resources. Joining a mental health family support group is an effective way to get the understanding and advice you need from people who have been through similar experiences. You’ll be able to build a network of support and develop positive relationships with those in the group that can help you cope with the emotional demands of living with mental health conditions.

Some benefits include:

  • Learning more about the condition of your loved one.
  • Connecting with other families in a similar situation.
  • Getting advice and support from experienced members.
  • Finding ways to cope with stress and anxiety associated with caring for a mentally ill family member.
  • Gaining access to valuable resources and services for mental health concerns.
  • Feelings of support and understanding from other members.
  • Reducing feelings of loneliness, isolation, and shame associated with mental health concerns.

The Mental Health Family Support Group in Harmony Hills is an excellent way for families to come together and find comfort, solace, and understanding. If you’re looking for support and community, please don’t hesitate to join us. We can provide the guidance and education required to better understand and cope with mental health conditions.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Family Education Group at Harmony Hills

Are you looking for more information about mental health issues? The Harmony Hills Mental Health Professionals offer a family education group that can provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to better understand and support your loved one.

Our Family Education Group is offered every Tuesday night from 6-7pm EST. This weekly online group will provide a space for education and support while your loved one is a guest with us at Harmony Hills Behavioral Health.

We have a 5-week curriculum in which we will cover many different topics, but in this group, we will not discuss any individual guests or their private information. If you have any questions regarding your loved one specifically, we encourage you to reach out to their treatment team at the center. Family members are encouraged and allowed to attend all five weeks, but the group will remain accessible to those who would like to continue even after your loved one has completed our program.

The topics will be as follows:

  • Harmony Hills—Who we are, what services are offered, and what a day in the life is like
  • How to support a loved one in treatment
  • Aftercare planning—Understanding options for the next steps
  • Family Resources—Support meetings and media recommendations
  • Family EMDR session

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We hope to see you there and look forward to growing and learning together.

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