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When many of us think of Florida, our first thoughts may be the sandy beaches of Miami or the rides at Disney World in Orlando. Sanford, Florida, is part of Seminole County, which displays more than 100 years of history. For those seeking a different Florida experience, this might be the right city for them. The state is much more than its amusement parks and beaches; Central Florida boasts zoos and access to beautiful landscapes you won’t find in the south or along the coast. Unfortunately, despite these differences, Sanford still struggles with drug addiction.

The most recent data released from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows that 128 people die every day in the United States after overdosing on opioids. In the late 1990s, pharmaceutical companies assured the medical community their product was not just safe, but it was not addictive. The assurance led to physicians prescribing potent opioids for simple sprains, which could be treated with some Tylenol. It led to an explosion of deaths – in 2017, nearly 47,000 Americans died as a result of an opioid overdose. 

Opioids are the leading cause of death nationwide, and the state of Florida is no different. Sanford is only a few hours from ports of entry in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and the fentanyl that floods the country is offloaded into the area. Deaths in the region continue to rise because of the drug, but cocaine, meth, and alcohol are also areas of concern.

The inhabitants of Sanford must come together and discuss solutions to the addiction problem in their community. At one point in our history, addiction was seen as a death sentence. Today, however, we know that it is a treatable disease. Fortunately, Sanford is close to some of the best drug rehab facilities in the nation. 

Sanford Drug Rehab Statistics

2017 was a grim year in Seminole County, which witnessed 97 deaths as a result of opioid overdoses. It’s not surprising when you look at the trends throughout the state. Drug rehab is crucial for individuals struggling in Sanford, and when you look at national averages for opioid prescriptions in Florida, you start to better understand the trend. 

Aerial view of Lake Monroe in Sanford Florida.

Those who use prescription opioids will not automatically become addicted to heroin or fentanyl. Still, many of those who do not find relief from the medicine may move onto more potent drugs.

Although the state prescribed above the national average, many have used the medication responsibly and followed the instructions of their doctor. 

Heroin and fentanyl are some of the most addictive and deadly substances on earth, and some of those who find no relief from prescription opioids may move to these substances for pain relief or satisfy their addiction.

Heroin was responsible for thousands of deaths in Florida, while fentanyl added another 1,644. If you feel that pain medication isn’t enough, speak to a doctor about your options and consider drug rehab. 

Most Commonly Abused Substances in Sanford

Sanford follows similar trends to other counties in Florida, which include the use of alcohol, cocaine, and opioids. Unfortunately, a vast majority of overdose deaths statewide contained alcohol, but other drugs like cannabis, inhalants, and meth are emerging as severe threats in Seminole County. 

Florida’s Drug Rehab History and Rankings

If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re ready to get help, Florida has a long history of exceptional care. Drug rehab in the state is considered the gold standard, and while many citizens around the country come for the endless sunshine, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of care throughout the state.

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